Kids my days

IMG_0039 (3)

When I was in high school, hands on the hip
there was this insult kids used against each other.
“Yo mum”

If you were a keen fan of MTV during those days
You would most definitely been familiar with the phrase.
Born out of the popular TV show Yo Mama
playground quarrels became similarly choreographed
like 8 mile’s rap battles an upcoming craft.

Also made popular by the movie white chicks.

Anyways, us and our mother hooked oddly enough,
we watched Yo mama.
A competition of who could insult the other’s mother best or worst indeed.
“Yo mama so cool, she wear her wig sideways”
One of my favorites in those days
The prize, money but really and most importantly, street cred.

By the time we all used it
The show Yo Mama had been modified
Shortened to fit every sentence ending
“Your mum”

For example when Kenneth genuinely enquired
“What was that scratching noise going on in chemistry man?”
Dennis-loud mouth, previously verbally constipated would reply
“Your mum init”

See, nothing creative came before or after this statement
Unlike the show, it was void of any clever placement.
It in itself “Your mum” was not particularly insulting,
however when randomly uttered
Believe me reactions were quite exciting.

Think of self mother defense
By reverse attack offense
Slander perpetual around the corner
Everyone’s mum was a target

Even I in those days never had
the balls or brains to pose a question
on such an incomplete remark
“Your mum…”
“My mum what?”
But of course I am now looking at it detached
Separated from the time.

No, on that bus, the 204,
sometime after 3.30 going home,
myself as a kid in those days identified,
those throwing the insults and those receiving them
that when one of the Kids shouted at me getting off the bus
“Oi Timothy…your mum!”
All I could think was
“Oh no he di-iiiiiiiint!”


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