Begin Again


…when music and film make the best couple.

Last weekend I watched Begin Again starring Keira Knightely, Mark Ruffalo and Adam Levine.

Simply said I liked it. Its an honest human story about the creative magic that can spring out of two people when all is falling apart around them.

Immediately it reminded me of Once the Irish musical film and academy award winner with a similar story line released in 2007. In fact it seems these stories have been around for quite a while.

On giving it enough thought I came to the conclusion the reason I keep enjoying the same story is because they involve their music counterpart in the best way. Understood almost very film has a catchy soundtrack, however when the music becomes part of a story its like….their lives becomes beautiful and worth remembering, something we all lament: the lack of soundtrack to our lives.

So in commemoration of great music stories I’m going to list a few I have watched and the music that made me fall in love with them.

1. Once

I was more excited about the cover of this film than I was when I started watching what looked like amateur footage. You have to be patient but slowly the story draws you in. A rough busker getting through an equally rough breakup meets a young Czech immigrant as he plays in the streets of Dublin one day. I remember a hoover in the mix but I cant quite place it.

The music however I remember well. <When your minds made up> In the process of recording a heartbreak record, busker guy and immigrant girl (excuse my simplification) realize a friendship that lifts them out of their isolation.

2. Begin Again

<Lost Stars> I haven’t stopped listening to this song since and I am in the process of learning the lyrics.

A disgraced producer on the way out of a record company he built with a friend discovers a young Briton (also foreign in another country) living in New York singing and strumming on stage about a cheating ex. He sees the music while the crowd she plays to carries on bored.

3. Music and Lyrics – I did not like very much

Starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. I watched this way way way back and still know I didn’t like it. Frankly writing it had the same elements as the films the above but I just wasn’t interested. I’m not sure what it was but I think for one I was not interested in who the characters were and two the music and lyrics kinda sucked. So don’t waste your time.

These are the few I remember. So people lets create films and music – together. They usually make good films. Maybe we can divert off the love story theme, however not too much they always have the biggest appeal. Who would make music with their enemy and what would it sound like? I’m not ruling it out…

Unitil then “God! tell us the reason youth is wasted on the young, its hunting season and the lambs are on the run..”


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