IMG_0050 (2)

We ride home, our memories dancing in the rear view mirror. Yellow planets swimming in warm air from the shafts. Twinkling eyes and smiling teeth serenading to nighttime radio.

Do you remember?  the twenty-first naaaaaaaight of September, twistin n tuuuuurning their temper, crossing the line again

Mischief blinks from the vein above your right eye You interlude the back seat chorus, ready hands, let’s play, I’m still game

Name the band else I lower the windows. Dear God, when did we become those people? Sedated, dim lit, It’s too late, Earth Wind and Fire!

Sparks. You reel me by the wrist. I spy ahhhh mosquito, clap! Now shift, side to side

Until we have made full circle. You look to me as if to say, I remember Light years ahead of late nights, fogged out windows. It hurts but they might be right. One kisses you, made you look, made you laugh


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