At first the thought of it frightened me to tears. I had been castoff and this is where I was running to hide.

A sharp realisation “this was my last resort” – a quiet excuse, a snail beaten in recoil into its shell

But now sitting here I’m ok. A voice DEEP DOWN said it would be strong to embrace the fear

Go away, quietly – do nothing, so what…The prodigal son eventually returns to his father’s house

It is an unlikely victory retreating from ambition, slipping away to nowhere, becoming invisible under the scorching sun

and I am glad it didn’t hold me back, for I am taken care of…

Here I’m in line for the throne, and time stretches on its back.  No more dark surprises,

I am not a slave to unexpected change. I know where I have to be.

Maneuvering the seas after a voice. On vast currents, in depths. Discovering all that I had not known before

Writing in verse of my journey in tempests and calm seas


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