Begin Again


…when music and film make the best couple.

Last weekend I watched Begin Again starring Keira Knightely, Mark Ruffalo and Adam Levine.

Simply said I liked it. Its an honest human story about the creative magic that can spring out of two people when all is falling apart around them.

Immediately it reminded me of Once the Irish musical film and academy award winner with a similar story line released in 2007. In fact it seems these stories have been around for quite a while.

On giving it enough thought I came to the conclusion the reason I keep enjoying the same story is because they involve their music counterpart in the best way. Understood almost very film has a catchy soundtrack, however when the music becomes part of a story its like….their lives becomes beautiful and worth remembering, something we all lament: the lack of soundtrack to our lives.

So in commemoration of great music stories I’m going to list a few I have watched and the music that made me fall in love with them. Continue reading


Why The Poor Pay More For Their Water

IMG_0143 (2)

Last week but one, I attended a meeting of women rights NGOs here in Uganda.

The meeting which doubled as a workshop was held for groups specifically involved in gender and water sanitation advocacy in Uganda. On arrival putting two and two together did not make sense however as the hosts (NAWAD) began to explain the connection it seemed obvious addressing the subject of water sanitation from a gender perspective.

Women are the gateways to water in many rural areas in Africa. Women are the collectors, walking often long distances to fetch water for their families. They also prepare food, clean homes, bathe children all using water. In order to create cleaner water usage women would have to be engaged to improve the consumption of water. Much of these organisations endeavored to develop women in the areas where many still have no rights up to today; a reality that affects their work in maintaining water sanitation.

What does developing women really mean? Continue reading

Campus In China

IMG_0061Currently a student at a university in China, I wrote this observation for a internship application. Came out pretty accurate. I seem to write more honestly when under a deadline.

Clash of Civilizations  2

The international dormitories at Huazhong Normal University locally known as Huashi have gathered from all corners of the world students to this central region of this middle kingdom. According to Huntington all these individuals already identify with a particular civilization (cultural entity) and he hypothesizes that when put together conflict and divisions among humankind will be along these lines.

Well Huashi ingeniously and perhaps unintentionally puts this hypothesis into context. China is increasingly becoming a desirable place to live, study, observe and get involved in. By no surprise the school’s  language program which ranks top ten in the country has attracted students from all over the world including countries stretching west: past Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia, way beyond West Asia to the African continent; a popular venture for  China, Europe and the America’s until soon you make your way back around the globe.  With soaring numbers that fearlessly encourage the erection of new living quarters, our community is quickly expanding.

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2013 – Summmmmmer

End of the year and looking back never really took off with this blogging business, So! in the coming weeks going to make up for those missed months and have a good REWIND….

Will start in July, friends celebrated their graduation and left. Then there was two. It was hot as Wuhan (Central China) is and humid and boring. This time however I was prepared with my camera – in the comfort of air con and took pictures of the skies because they do cast beautifully here.

Space out

IMG_0010 (2)

I miss those long afternoons that would drag on by the slow tick of the clock on top of the television and beyond the ticking and the black box, hung the afternoon sun tired from its mid day burn.

Horizontal on the couch, eyes faced out at the window, I would watch clouds making their way past, covering and uncovering the sun. The slow breeze coming in smelled of cool air.I was a child, feet up against the wall, grass marks on my faded jeans from rough play with my brothers, sweat drying salty on my lips, still catching my breath.

This is how my summers passed, playing “it” running and shrieking then collapsing and resting, cuts on our shins, blisters in our feet, smiling. We made stories to tell, do you remember when…

“When we were playing football and Patrick slipped and farted” …we would laugh for days after, God we had such simple banter, sitting in the study pretending to read, mum popping her head in whenever conversation grew loud. I miss those days.